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WOOF! To all here in the kennels. This page is the place-holder for my reno'd site.
Unfortunately, a lot of links will be broken at the moment, and i'm sorry about that, but this is a bigger job than i counted on, so i'll just have to keep my cool and take a step at a time.
Once again, when sorted, i'll be offering a home for puppy files, although i'm aware many are now using cloud storage or other free file hosts..
Thank dog for Ally, he transferred probably about 80+GBs of our files to his archive site, to keep for posterity, which they definitely deserve, and to ensure that site content wasn't lost - cheers, Ally, I hope the future shines bright on you always :)
Thanks for the ongoing support, and here's to Puppy Linux in general!
By the way, you'll see at the bottom left of the page a trust logo icon - of course, this isn't a commercial site, but i've invested in SSL security anyway to help protect users' login details.





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